• "Lonely" ..

    Posted Sep 3 by MajesticXylo

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    " I Like Drinking Coffee Alone, And Reading AloneI Like Riding The Bus Alone, And Walking Home Alone  It Gives Me Time To Think, And Set My Mind Free I Like Eating Alone, And Listening To Music Alone But When I S Read More...

  • monsters

    Posted Jul 11 by manzualda33

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    it terrifies me that these so called human beings love to torture anyone whos below them...because they think there so high up on this imaginary scale...there obsessed with hurting individuals with personal issues...whom Read More...

  • alone

    Posted Jul 5 by kitten231505

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    Alone, That;s how i feel, continually. Doesn't matter who's around, whether I'm alone in my room, or in a room full of people with drinks to drown their sorrows. i sit, headphones on, with music so loud i cant hear so Read More...

  • Confessions

    Posted Jan 18 by thePhantomKat

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    For every like or confession of your own I'll post a confession of my own about my weird life.

  • Hai!

    Posted Jan 4 by CuteSoftKitten

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    Hi my is CuteSoftKiten. I love kawaii. My favorite colors r pitch black,dark black,light black and pastel black.Shy and open 4 a relationship. 

  • why are people like this?

    Posted March 9, 2016 by darkangel8659

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    IF YOU CARE FOR HUMANS PLEASE READ THIS!!! what is wrong with people these days? everyone seems so obsessed by money and power! where are the times when we used to look out for eachother, instead of fighting where Read More...

  • to true born prince by cameron adams

    Posted January 14, 2016 by cameronhadams

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         hello my name is cameron adams im 17 i go to school and and hang with friends like everyone els but the only thing is im nothing like everyone els. Growing up i noticed i was very different from every Read More...

  • hey nice to meet you

    Posted March 6, 2015 by batgirlhereat

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    hey im deanna im new here i love meeting new people but never can make small i love reading makeing proms im on emowire to if you what to add me i love drawing im shy and im a nerd who plays video all day lol 

  • Social Networks.

    Posted January 14, 2015 by Jedikylee

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    I love meeting new people. But I do have a hard time with conversation.  It seems as if Social Networks and I don't work. Mostly because either I'm too shy or afraid to talk to people or no one trys to talk to me. I Read More...

  • Why Being A Girl Isn't Working Out For Me...

    Posted December 26, 2014 by XxColorfulTearsxX13

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    Why being a girl isn't working for me! Body: Oh, guess what time of the month it is! Me: Please, god, no-- Ovaries: ALL SYSTEMS GOOOOOOOO!!! Brain: I quit. I quit. Kittens and cupcakes and no one loves me. Oh my god Read More...

  • Paint Brush

    Posted January 15, 2013 by klicwinko

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    I Keep My Paint Brush With Me Whereever I May Go In Case I Need To Cover Up So The Real Me Doesn't Show I'm So Afraid To Show You Me Afraid Of What You'll Do  That You Might Laugh Or Say Mean Things I'm Afrai Read More...

  • When i was a little girl..

    Posted September 4, 2012 by LeineMonroe

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    When I was a little girl,I tend to see the world,As a safe and warm place to be.A shelter for anyone in need.A place where no one gets hurt.Pain and agony doesn't exist.I treat every, single person a friend.And greete Read More...