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    Scene freaks Kik group

    Where we can hang out. Add me scenecat12 to join!
    led by Scenecat12

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    LGBT community

    This is for everome
    led by Fallenangel666

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    The Avalie Project.

    The Avalie project is an ambition to create a massive commune for emo, punk, goth,LGBT, and everyone living an alternative lifestyle.
    This project will be hosted in canada, and will be needing serious help with funding. all donations are appreciated.
    Upon...  more
    led by Hydralisk

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    Punk Fans

    For all those cool cats and punk rockers out there.
    led by JohnTheKiller

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    This is a movement where all are welcome!
    led by prince9f6l00d

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    Lesbians Unite c;

    This group is for all the bootyful lesbian's out there! Whether your bisexual or whatever, You are welcomed! :)
    led by Shaddic

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    Be weird and prosper *^*

    This is you're place to be the potato of your choosing! Don't be a rotten potato! Don't let yourself get mashed by others! I suppose you can get baked if you want but I would prefer if you didn't! OOGGIDEE BOGGIDEE BOO! DO YOU WANNA SUMMON SATAAAAAAAAAN? Moo \m/
    led by livelifelovegir

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    Black Veil Brides Army

    This group is for all the BVB Army Members out there is this world
    led by ForeverAlone

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    Escape The Fate fans

    for all those who love ETF
    led by Tess